orpine wax & wash

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OrPine Wash & Wax combines the magic formula of Orpine Boat Soap with a superior wax to make a cleaner that leaves a protective non-yellowing wax coating on whatever you wash. The concentrated formula means that just one ounce of Wash & Wax mixed with three gallons of water will wash a medium sized boat. It removes salt and dirt from boats, fishing tackle, trailers, and cars while providing a coat of wax protection. It cleans and waxes everything from the fish box to the cabin and eliminates musty mildew odors and leaves a pleasant pine fragrance. The biodegradable and environmentally friendly formula can be safely used on fiberglass, epoxy paints, all metals, wood, and plastics to clean and provide a pleasing surface appearance. Wash & Wax cleans and protects windows and enclosures while helping to prevent water spotting. Recommended for bow rails, tuna towers, outriggers, etc. to remove salt and protect the metal from water spotting. 32 oz.